Spotify Wrapped 2020


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The Spotify Wrapped 2020 summary screen can be easily accessed in a few steps. On this screen, it is possible to reach the categories "The most listened to in 2020", "Hit songs you missed", "Artists of the Year 2020", "Songs of the Year 2020", "Female Artists of the Year 2020", "Male Artists of the Year 2020" and many more. .

Users can access this screen via the following steps;

The 2020 summary, which appears on the screen after the Spotify application is opened on many mobile devices, can be found easily after typing "2020" in the "Search" section if it is not visible.

On the desktop, it will be possible to access the "2020 Summary" screen after clicking the "Browse" button.

Spotify 2020 Highlights Global TOP Charts:

Most Streamed Artists Worldwide:

Bad Bunny
J Balvin
Juice WRLD
The Weeknd
Most Streamed Female Artists Worldwide:

Billie eilish
Taylor swift
Ariana grande
Dua Lipa